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The ARENA sponsored Funding and Finance Tookit project was led by Frontier Carbon, with project partners Embark and the Community Power Agency.

The stakeholder engagement to develop this toolkit revealed that one of the areas that can improve the take up of CE projects is for CE project developers to understand the options for funding their CE project and the necessary steps for achieving successful funding.  

The term 'funding' in the context of the toolkit relates to the raising of both equity investment and debt finance as well as donations, in-kind contributions and grants to the point of successful final funding prior to construction and commissioning.

This Funding Basics Guidebook aims to improve financial literacy and provide guidance for CE project developers to improve their chances of successfully funding projects.

Through each of the project development phases the guidebook provides the following: 

  • An overview of key funding options available
  • The potential  merits, limitations and drawbacks associated with these options
  • The role of grants, donations and in-kind (volunteer) support
  • Tips for gaining successful funding outcomes.

The entire guidebook can be downloaded by clicking on the Guidebook image below.

Or click through the following articles to learn more. 

Subject to the below, the copyright in this guidebook belongs to Frontier Impact Group and this document must not be copied or reproduced in any other electronic or physical form.

Frontier Impact Group is pleased to allow the material provided in this guidebook to be reproduced in whole or in part solely for educational and non-commercial use, provided the meaning is unchanged and its source, publisher and authorship are acknowledged. 

Advice to users of the guide

This guidebook has been prepared based on information available as at February 2016. This guidebook, and the information contained in it, does not constitute an offer in relation to any project and does not entitle a recipient to participate in any process relating to any project. 

The information contained in this guidebook is indicative and is a guide only and the information does not constitute advice of any kind whatsoever (legal, accounting, financial, commercial or otherwise). A person who receives this guidebook (and any information contained in it) represents and warrants to Frontier Impact Group and its representatives (jointly and severally) that it does not rely on this guidebook and the information contained in it (a) as a statement of fact, representation or warranty of any matter whatsoever and (b) in making any decision of any kind whatsoever in relation to any future project. 

Persons who receive this guidebook and the information contained in it must make their own enquiries to verify, and satisfy themselves of all, aspects of this guidebook and the information contained in it.

This guidebook may contain forward-looking statements, forecasts, estimates and projections (forward statements). No representation or warranty is given as to the reasonableness of the forward statements or that the forward statements will be achieved.

While this guidebook and the information contained in it has been prepared in good faith, no representations or warranties (express or implied) are made by Frontier Impact Group or its representatives as to the accuracy, currency, completeness, suitability, correctness, fitness for purpose or otherwise of such document and information. The provision of this guidebook does not place Frontier Impact Group or its representatives under any obligation to provide any further information in relation to the subject matter or any projects, or to update this guidebook or any additional information or to correct any inaccuracies in any such information which may become apparent. 

To the maximum extent allowed by Law, Frontier Impact Group (not its representatives, officers, employees, contractors or agents) shall be liable to any person for any loss, liability, damage or expense arising directly or indirectly from or connected in any way with any use of or reliance on such document and information.

Photographs, maps, logos and diagrams used in this guidebook are for illustration only and should not be interpreted to mean that any person shown endorses this guidebook.

By accepting a copy of this guidebook, a recipient agrees to be bound by the foregoing limitations, representations and warranties.


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