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What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows simple collaboration of information. It lets users add, edit, comment on and track information on the site.

What is the Embark wiki?

The Embark wiki is an online best-practice toolkit, offering information and advice on a wide range of community-owned renewable energy issues. Often, this information and advice comes from community energy pioneers and subject experts. We've developed this site specifically for Australian communities, to provide interested groups with reliable and relevant information on a range of topics that can help communities assess, plan and implement renewable energy projects.

With a wiki platform, users can collaborate on articles by writing, editing, and updating content. This means we can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. We've got the ball rolling with a wide range of articles to help community groups start thinking about renewable energy projects.

Our vision for the site is to have a large group of collaborators who write, edit and comment on content for the site. To ensure the quality in the short term, we are limiting access to approved contributors only. Over time, we will extend access to everyone.

Exploring the site

There are two ways to find content on the site. If you know what you're looking for; you can use the search function at the top of this page. If you'd simply like to browse or need some direction, click on 'articles' in the top navigation to see our list of major categories and articles.

This site will continuously grow and evolve, so even if the information you're looking for isn't here today, make sure you visit us again soon. If you have any suggestions for topics to address, or any questions, email us at

You may find empty pages where we've yet to add articles on important subjects. If you have the expertise or knowledge, and would like to write any of these articles, please apply here.

How to contribute

The Embark wiki will grow with support and contributions from industry experts, renewable energy pioneers and community groups. We welcome your submissions and reference materials. If you'd like to be one of our contributors or editors please click here.