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  • Get involved

There are plenty of ways to be part of Embark’s work and help to establish a vibrant community energy sector in Australia.

Share your knowledge & skills

  • Contribute to our evolving ‘best practice’ information hub, including fact sheets and case studies on everything from how the energy market works to how to raise finance, or conduct a successful community engagement campaign.
  • Become an Embark volunteer advisor. We match specialists in areas such as law, engineering, project management, communication and finance with the community groups that need your advice. Even if you only have a few hours to invest, the rewards are ‘powerful’.

Spread the word

  • Keep in touch through our email subscription service and Twitter feed.
  • Spread the word to interested community groups and investors.


  • Embark is seeking tax-deductibility (DGR) status, so future donations to support our non-profit activity will be fully tax deductible.
  • As we help to bring new projects to fruition, consider becoming a green investor. Earn a financial return on your money, while doing something tangible to reduce carbon emissions and unlocking a host of other economic, social and infrastructure benefits.

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